Flash back writing inspired by the novel Friend or Foe written by Michael Morpurgo

David is gone. She can’t get that out of her mind. Walking down the street, the same old street she has walked down every day with David, she realises that he is gone. The drizzle blends in with the rushing tears tumbling down her chin. She slides the key into the keyhole and slowly turns it. The memories of the empty house stabs her in the heart as she sits down, head bowed, staring outside the window, imagining the flames from a bomb licking the drizzle. Her heart sinks. Only now, she remembers.


The day she first met Max, her husband, to when she had David until the day Max died, flashes before her eyes. She remembers the beautiful times she and Max had had: lying on the lawn under the stars on their wedding day; all the fun they had had as a family. Then she imagines Germany, where her husband had died. This slaps her back into reality. No more daydreaming, she must focus on reality – there’s a war on. But she just can’t.

“What would happen if we lost the war, and worst of all, they attacked David’s school, or took him prisoner?” she says to herself. The thoughts swim around her head as the air-raid siren breaks her thoughts. As she runs to the cellar, she is praying that she will see David again.